About Me

An unintentional collector of intriguing ideas and unfinished projects that have the potential to bring life back to old/vintage things … that’s me! I’m also a public school educator, wife, mother, sister, daughter, dog owner, and lover of romance books.

I can run a sewing machine and follow patterns for just about anything that isn’t too complicated. I am drawn to colors and patterns of material as well as the textures and colors of yarn. I am able to do some quilting and knitting, but I cannot seem to master crocheting.

Tablecloths, napkins, and lady’s handkerchiefs from circa 1940’s-1960’s intrigue me and am the owner of several sets from family members from my grandparents’ generation.

I am a collector of Anchor Hocking Early American Prescut glassware, vintage Pyrex baking dishes, and any other vintage glassware that speaks to me and makes my heart sing. (I have a set of flowered jelly glasses that are perfect for a small margarita!)

I thoroughly enjoy estate sales, garage sales, and junky antique shops. Almost nothing in our home is new. Vintage and unique pieces from past eras speak to my soul. Plus, I like the IDEA of being able to reupholster/refinish furniture and/or repurpose something. If I see a piece that whispers my name, I almost have to bring it home with me. Footstools, chairs and sofas are weaknesses of mine. We have so many chairs that my husband told me I have to get rid of one before I get another!

My decorating style is eclectic hodge-podge. Almost every item in our home was selected because it called to me through its history, shape, color, or another attribute – not because I had a vision of a completed room. Somehow all the pieces in the family room, kitchen, and dining area work together even though most items are in the same state of wear, tear,  and outdatedness as when I acquired them.

The layout and location of our home is perfect for my family, and I love most of the furnishings and accessories that we have . However, I can’t say that I love my home because everywhere I look, I see unfinished projects and things that need to be done…projects I told myself I would do but just haven’t tackled yet.

Why don’t I accomplish any reupholster, refinish, or repurpose projects that I told myself I would do? Well, during the school year, I would say it is because I am exhausted and don’t have the energy to deal with any home improvement projects after working with students all day. But then summer arrives and I don’t complete any projects or get anything else done either. Therefore, it is obviously more than the time of year.

Soooo, I am setting up a challenge for myself. I’m calling it the School Year Challenge and my goal is to focus on one room a month, develop a strategic plan of action, and execute it. I will take before and after pictures to motivate myself. In addition, I will reflect at least once a month on the progress made.

I have been a public school educator long enough (an elementary teacher for 22 years and an instructional science coach for the past 3 years) that I know planning something is only half the battle. I realize I will need to be realistic, flexible, and adjust and adapt the plan as necessary. Life happens and I don’t want to stress myself out or make myself crazy…I just want a process to make changes, take ideas out of my head, and make them a reality.

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